WELCOME to the Municipal Vehicles and Equipment Industry Association (VAK)

The VAK member companies develop and produce innovative, energy-efficient and resource-saving equipment and municipal vehicles. In this way, they create values for all interest groups: customers, stakeholders, employees and society as a whole.

The member companies are organised in five technical working committees in which the manufacturers, suppliers of accessories and truck manufacturers work together on specific topics.

The executive committee comprises the president and five executive committee members who are also chairpersons of the working committees which discuss subjects of relevance to the industry and develop solutions. Technical experts bring together the expertise of around 80 member companies and represent their interests in national and international markets.

> Refuse Collection Vehicles
> Roll-Off Tippers, Skiploaders, Containers and Cranes
> Liquid Waste Disposal and Pipe Cleaning Systems
> Road-Sweeping Vehicles and Devices
> Snow-Clearing and Gritting Vehicles and Devices


The VAK has organised a joint pavilion for all its members at IFAT – the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management. We act as an endorsing sponsor of IFAT and maintain close relations with its organiser, Messe München, as well as all other partner associations, such as BDE, VKU, VDMA and DWA.  

Members can participate in the joint VAK pavilion tent in the outdoor arena at IFAT or present their vehicles and products at the Truck in Action Show. This professionally presented live multimedia demonstration introduces the latest trends and developments in the municipal vehicles and equipment industry.

For the first time, the VAK will present an Innovation Award at IFAT 2016. This year, applications have exclusively been received from members who will present their new developments at IFAT in the form of vehicles, equipment, modules, components and control systems. From 2018 onwards, industry-related firms and universities can also take part in the competition.  

+++ VAK-News +++

ETM Preisverleihung Best Brand 2019

Best Brand 2019
Die Nutzfahrzeugindustrie und die Dienstleister für die Transportbranche zeichnen sich durch Innovationskraft und Kundenfreundlichkeit aus. Die Leser der Publikationen des ETM Verlags kühren jährlich die Besten in 26 Kategorien.


VBS Pressemitteilung Mai 2019

Pressemitteilung zur Kampagne zur Gewinnung von Kraftfahrern


++ VAK-Termine ++

Zukunftskongress Nutzfahrzeuge 2019

19. - 20. November 2019 in Berlin


VAK Juniorenveranstaltung 2019

21. - 22. November 2019 in Hamburg


+ VAK-Schulungen +

VBS Seminar "IBC Sachkundekurs" BAM Gefahrgutregeln BAM-GGR 002

14. - 15. November in Manching


VAK Seminar: Betriebsvereinbarungen und Dienstanweisungen im Furhpark

15. November 2019 in Berlin


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